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Why Choose Combantrin? 
Just as threadworm is easy to catch, it can be treated very easily & effectively with Combantrin. There are several different worming products on the market. So why should you choose Combantrin? 

Combantrin is Australia's leading worming treatment
More people trust & use Combantrin in Australia than any other worming brand. 
Combantrin treats threadworm, as well as the rare worms roundworm & hookworm, in a single dose 
Combantrin comes in a wide variety of dosage forms - to suit the whole family
Combantrin is available in: 
*Pineapple/Blackcurrant flavoured Suspension 
*Chocolate Squares: made with real Cadbury's chocolate 

Combantrin suspension may be used by all the family, from 6 months of age

IMPORTANT: If you wish to treat a child under 6 months of age, or are pregnant & wish to treat yourself, please consult your GP for advice.
Each square contains Pyrantel Embonate equivalent to 100mg Pyrantel.
How Combantrin Works 

Combantrin is effective against threadworm as well as the rare worms roundworm & hookworm, in a single dose. It contains pyrantel embonate, which works as a "neuro-muscular blocking agent" - effectively paralysing worms. Unable to move, worms are passed out in the faeces. 

All human worming products will treat only adult worms present in the intestine at the time of taking the medication. They will not treat the eggs or immature worms & will not protect you or your children from contracting threadworm if you are exposed to it again. So it's advisable to check roughly 2 weeks after the initial dose to ensure a second dose is not required. 

Preventing reinfestation

Here is a handy checklist to help prevent reinfestation of threadworm in your home: 

As threadworm are highly contagious, ensure the WHOLE FAMILY has been treated with Combantrin - including Mum & Dad.

Threadworm eggs may be left on common household surfaces, so give your home a thorough clean. Vacuum carpets & wash floors, clothes & bedding with hot water, to kill any remaining eggs. Don't forget the favourite teddy or security blanket, & take care not to shake linen when removing bedclothes - you could be spreading infectious eggs into the air.

Shower rather than bathe for several days after treatment, to dislodge any remaining eggs from the anal region.

Snug underpants fitted to children at night may make it harder to scratch, therefore reducing the risk of eggs transferring to fingers.

Wash hands thoroughly & encourage children to do the same, especially after going to the toilet Ensure fingernails are kept short & scrubbed clean.

Discourage children from sharing food & placing objects in their mouths. 


- Notify your friends & the school / kindy that you have treated for threadworm. Informing others will help to break the cycle of threadworm infestation.


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