Consumer Guarantee

What is the Consumer Guarantee?

For Australia deliveries, David Jones Pharmacy Online guarantees that all our orders will be delivered using a third party logistic company with online tracking. If you do not receive the product you have ordered, it is damaged or does not function as advertised, we will work with you to have it repaired, replaced, or refunded. David Jones Pharmacy will have the final decision of how the issue is resolved.

For international deliveries, online tracking will only be available for services which is indicated as having online tracking. We will only guarantee deliveries for the following countries: New Zealand, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America & Ireland. This guarantee does not cover rejected parcels, seizures by customs, missed deliveries or refusal to pay custom duties. It is the responsibility of the buyer, who is deemed to be the importer, to have authorisation to import the products and pay any duties to their local government.

For deliveries which do not require a signature on delivery, you authorise the delivery company to leave the parcel at the front door or in a safe location which is away from the street view. It is your responsibility if the parcel is missing after the delivery has been made.

Where you think there is an possibility that the parcel may be stolen or the area at your front door is not safe, we recommend you select a delivery method which requires a signature on delivery.

How do I raise a concern about my order?

A case can be raised in your login under a section called disputes. Otherwise you can email with your contact details and a David Jones Pharmacy Online Team Member will return your call by the next business day (Victoria Time).

What is the timeframe in which I can raise a dispute about an order?

Orders received by the customer must be checked and a dispute raised within 5 days of receipt of an order.

What happens when David Jones Pharmacy Online can not fullfill my complete order?

We will endeavour to fullfill all orders completely. We endeavour to do this within 2 weeks of an order being paid for. However, where we can not do so, we will provide a refund for the cost of the products which were not fullfilled and any difference in the chosen shipping method. 

What is David Jones Pharmacy Online's Returns Policy?

David Jones Pharmacy Online currently do not accept returns for change of mind.

We guarantee that when you purchase a product from us, it is in a brand new condition and unused.

Many medicinal products are required to be kept below certain temperature requirements. If these products are kept at temperatures higher than this, the manufacturer of the product can not guarantee that the product will work as promised.

Once products are sent out, we have no control as to the conditions it has been subjected to. We would not be able to resell to another customer as we could not guarantee the product has been kept in ideal conditions or has not not been tampered with.

Where the return is due to a missed/rejected delivery, refusal to pay customs duties or rejection by customs, the amount refunded would be the total less 20% and less the cost of shipping. Shipping charges is like any post office service. Once we engage the freight company, they will charge us for the service and will not refund if we change our mind or missed the delivery.

It is the responsibility of the customer to keep a watch on tracking of the parcel and to contact David Jones Pharmacy Online or the delivery company if there are any issues.

What warranties comes with any product sold?

All products sold by David Jones Pharmacy Online comes with FULL MANUFACTURER warranties. We only carry products that are sourced from local companies. We have a strict policy of not sourcing from companies located outside of Australia.

Where there is claim of defects of products not working properly, customers will be required to talk to the manufacturer for support. The manufacturer will provide an Return Authorisation Number if the product is faulty.

What does the postage service I have choosen cover?

The postage advertised and charged is for the service of a once off sending of the product(s) ordered from David Jones Pharmacy to you. It does not include any additional postage to and from David Jones Pharmacy for any reason. Any additional postage will be at the cost of the buyer.

Can David Jones Pharmacy Online deal with the manufacturer on my behalf?

Where the customer wants David Jones pharmacy Online to deal with the faulty product, it will need to be returned to David Jones Pharmacy Online at the customer's expense. David Jones Pharmacy Online will inspect the product and liase with the manufacturer of the product on behalf of the consumer.

There will be $50 service fee plus the cost of return postage if it is found that:

1. The product was not faulty; or
2. The customer misused the product in any way that caused the problem.

There will be no charges if it is found that the product was faulty due to the manufacturer fault.

What is the expiry period for products sold by David Jones Pharmacy Online?

Products sold by David Jones Pharmacy Online is expected to have a minimum of 2 months expiry, unless otherwise advertised in the product description or title.  If you are intending to purchase a large quantity of the same product, we recommend you email our customer service team on to enquire about the expiry date prior to making a purchase.