Oralube Saliva Substitute 125ml

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Oralube Saliva Substitute 125ml


Oralube is recommended for the treatment of the symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth) and salivary gland hypofunction. 

Oralube is a viscous clear pink solution that has an artificial lemon flavour and fragrance for topical oral and buccal spray application.   

Oralube can be used to relieve any of the following symptoms:

• Less saliva, no pooling in the floor of the mouth.
• Dry and sticky oral mucosa that may sometimes be red and painful.
• Frothy, foamy saliva that comes from the corner of the mouth.
• Difficulty swallowing, tasting and eating food.
• Smacking noise when speaking.
• Sticking of the tongue and/or cheek to the palate.
• Increased teeth discolouration and dental caries initially appearing on the surface of the teeth at the gum level, and then progressing to surrounding the tooth.  Decay then appears on incisal edges and if not treated loss of many teeth can occur in a few years.
• Infections of the oral mucosa.


Oralube is also indicated for use if saliva production is not present or reduced and upon the appearance of the following symptoms:

• Reduced moistening and lubrication of the oral mucosa for mastication.  
• Less food is changed into a semisolid mass so that tasting and eating food becomes difficult.
• Swallowing becomes more difficult.  
• Speech can be impaired
• Decreased remineralization of teeth by calcium and phosphate ions.
• Salivary pH changes due to less effect of carbonate and phosphate buffers leading to less protection of tooth dentine from acid damage (demineralization) leading to an aggressive progression of dental caries and loss of teeth.   
• Reduced ability of the body to maintain water balance because of a diminished stimulation of thirst.   
• Diminished protection of mucous membranes in the mouth, throat, and oesophagus from physical damage.
• Reduced oral antimicrobial activity of enzymes and IgA.
• Increased risk of oral thrush.


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