Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a discount code for David Jones Pharmacy?

There are no discount codes available for David Jones Pharmacy. Any website that claims to have a discount or voucher code for David Jones Pharmacy are making fraudulent claims.

Why is my order on hold? I have already paid!

As part of our commitment to reducing fraudulent claims and stolen credit card use, all orders are now placed on hold until we can verify that the transaction is legitimate. Part of this process is to send a SMS verification to the mobile number provided. Once verified, the order will proceed to be processed.

I made a mistake and placed an incorrect address! Can you please alter the address to the correct one?

Unfortunately addresses can not be altered once the parcel has been despatched. You will need to contact Australia Post to have it redirected.

Do you check to make sure my items are working before sending?


David Jones Pharmacy does not open products and check/test before sending your order. It is the same circumstances as if you were to walk into our physical store, make a purchase and open it at home. The products are as supplied by the manufacturer, so when you receive your order, the products are brand new.

I've just placed my order for Click n Collect, can I pick it up tomorrow?

No. Please refer to the time frames provided upon checkout.

How do I know when my order is available for Click n Collect?

You will receive an email and SMS notifying you as soon as your order has to sent. Once you receive the SMS, it means that it order is ready for pick up immediately.

The payment system is not accepting my credit card, what is going on?

Please refer to the below error codes that can commonly occur and and possible solutions:

Do Not Honour - Bank has rejected the transaction, possibly wrong card number/expiry date entered, or the bank will reject if they are suspicious that the credit card has been stolen and is being misused. Best option is to call your bank to tell them you are making a purchase from David Jones Pharmacy and to allow the transaction to proceed.

Insufficient Funds - This means there is not enough money in your credit card, please transfer more money into the account

Restricted Card - The bank has restricted the functions of the card used, please contact your bank for assistance

Lost Card - This card has been notified as a lost/stolen card, please contact your bank for assistance

Error - There has been an error in processing of the credit card, it might be a payment system issue, or web browser issue. Most of the time, a workaround for this is to use a different browser. Chrome is been known to have the least issues with this error.

Function Not Permitted to Cardholder The bank has restricted the functions of the card used, please contact your bank for assistance

Expired Card - The card is expired, please contact your bank for assistance

Undefined Validation - TBA

W9 - TBA

Do Not Honour; Anonymous Proxy Fraud - Our website blocks all known anonymous IP addresses from purchasing. Please do not use VPNs